Nepotism in the workplace and the consequences management essay

Where nepotism is prevalent For obvious reasons nepotism is common in family owned businesses and this can be viewed in the more positive terms. Also when there is some level of shame or awkwardness about the news, one can assume there exists some degree of nepotism involved.

Nepotism could result in a lawsuit if an employee or potential employee has proof that a company is using unfair hiring practices. However within any government organization, if the same decision was made some colleagues may begin feeling insulted.

One of the cases will show how hiring manager met an ethical dilemma when she wanted to hire her friend and how she solved this situation. Ethically Correct Actions If Human Resource decides to employ family members either that of Executives or any other positions, they should ensure that they meet the following requirements; Appropriate education for job Work experience between years outside of the company Pay and performance should be determined by the position which is being filled.

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The employees as stakeholders are those who ought to see the direction in which the business is heading.

Poor service and repugnant attitude may lead to a person changing their buying habits or choosing another place which gives better service. Therefore, management has to place job satisfaction for employees at the top of their list so that employees could better serve customers which would lead to increase revenue, profits, production and quality Bush-Bacelis, The stakeholder who is mostly affected by nepotism is the employees.

They may start thinking if there is a fraud plot in the making, and will surely voice their opinion and this will create dissatisfaction. In formal organizations especially in Federal Offices, nepotism is not just in bad taste or a display of negative work ethics; it is illegal when the basis of hiring is proven to be so.

Nepotism, although could benefit an organization but it could easily destroy it. His colleagues may feel worthless and may affect the effectiveness as a team.

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Nepotism in the Workplace Essay Sample

Nepotism paralyzes and exposes a company or institution as it undermines their competence, intentions and level of fairness.

For example, an employer who hires only relatives of a particular gender and race oppose to hiring persons who are not relatives and are of a different races and gender Employeeissues. Based on our research conducted, nepotism could be very detrimental to an organization and could cause a loss of profit and this could also tarnish the reputation of the organization.

Employees must be aware of how to deal with nepotism at the workplace. Nepotism at the workplace can be one of the first signs of a deteriorating work culture. Skills, education, capacity, experience key factors that decide who should fill the position are disregarded when it is practiced.

The outcome was evaluated with all 3 questions answered in the last 2 paragraphs. Nepotism created dissatisfaction, makes employees feel offended, lowers employees moral and also low level of discipline workers who sense unfairness question whether rules should be followed or not within an organization.

Need help so I can write an essay. Breach of confidentiality is another consequence of nepotism.

Nepotism AT WORK And THE RESULTS Management Essay

While it does not write the essay for you, it is an essay in itself. Now, I think that your immediate concern would be the structure of the essay. This paper will seek to define nepotism and it would to the international, regional and local organizations where we have seen suspicions of nepotism.

For example, in a firm where the present Vice President may be contradicting the decision made by the president of that organization, the President may seek to get the Vice President fired so that his friend may become the new Vice President so that the decisions now made by the President can get the go ahead quite easily.

Even in instances were business owners and managers are not showing favoritism, employees may still feel like they are not being equal. The Assistant Editor despite the abrupt changes managed to hold court; with the assistance of our small team we turned out a rather pleasing issue.

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As an employer, it is your duty to see to it that nepotism is not practiced at the workplace. Skills, education, capacity, experience key factors that decide who should fill the position are disregarded when it is practiced.

What were the consequences to you and the other parties involved. It can also be thought as hiring or promoting a member of family or friend, even if there are other qualified candidates for the position.

Issues that surround incidents of nepotism such as discrimination, fraternization, and conflicts of interest COIs are regulated by state and federal law. When employees are dissatisfied they may have a feeling that their hard work and dedication are not accepted or recognized by the organization.

Negative Effects of Nepotism at the Workplace

President Bush was highly criticized for this, because many believe that were more qualified individuals who fit the job. Article name: Nepotism In The Workplace And The Consequences Management essay, research paper, dissertation Related essay The Different Between Favouritism Cronyism And Nepotism Philosophy.

Nepotism is a hiring mechanism in companies where management hires their relatives and as a result perpetuating family involvement over time and across generations. There are two types of Nepotism. Entitlement Nepotism based on family network without consideration of family conditions.

Nepotism in the Workplace Essay Sample Nepotism is the favoring of a relative or a friend for things or jobs he is not qualified for. Nepotism is the outflow of filial affection or friendship, or the desire to surround oneself with trustworthy and loyal subjects.

Nepotism is exhibiting favoritism at work with one's friends, family, or relatives. The Workspirited article below enlists the negative effects of nepotism at the workplace. Although there are consequences of nepotism a pro of the act can create stability and continuity in the business and this will make reference to more family owned businesses.

Workplace Ethics: On nepotism. Add Remove. This content was STOLEN from - View the original, and get the already-completed solution here! Nepotism.

Workplace Ethics: On nepotism

It provides a sample essay that discusses nepotism from a first person perspective. This solution is workplace case study focusing on management discuss failure of.

Nepotism in the workplace and the consequences management essay
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